New York City’s 50th Annual


Tuesday, October 31, 2023 at 7 pm | Presented LIVE by NY1 at 8 pm

The nation’s most wildly creative public participatory event in the greatest city in the world!

The Lineup

These are some of the many, many groups that appeared in the 2022 NYC Village Halloween Parade in the order they were scheduled to enter the route.

#1 | Individuals

Blessing Angel

Celebrating its 25th Anniversary, The Edward Morgan Ballet hailed by The New York Times as “luminous, joyous dance,” was inspired by the blessing of the street for Halloween by Founder and Artistic Director of the Parade, Jeanne Fleming. TheEdwardMorganBallet leading off the 49th Annual Village Halloween Parade with ethereal dance to uplift and inspire the audience starring director Joseph Alexander as The Freedom Angel and with choreography by Edward Morgan, former principal with the original Joffrey Ballet NYC, director of the Joffrey II, choreographer of the internationally successful television dance show Club MTV, now choreographer of his own ballet company. A performance celebrating life and humanity blessing the street with love, joy and peace, shining a beacon of light on this Halloween Night. As Jeanne would say, Hallelujah Halloween! For over 25 years, the company has performed in Carnegie Hall, The Danny Kaye Playhouse, The Cathedral of St. John the Divine, created the original Bryant Park Dance Festival, brought the original piece Ballet For The Homeless to The Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen, performed at the United Nations, and UNESCO in Paris, France!

#2 | music/walking

Blessing Band

#3 | Individuals

Blessing Bike

My name is Joseph Roberto, I am the owner and operator of AdBicycles. AdBicycles is an advertising/marketing platform providing businesses with a rolling display to which they can show their goods/services while being eco conscious. Our displays can show video or static images and with our mobility we can go anywhere anytime, wherever the customer’s target audience is. As an avid bike commuter in the city, advertising via bike crossed my mind every time I’d see the lights of time square and am excited to bring this dream to life. Our mission at adbicycles is to break down the barrier to entry for advertising amongst small businesses where traditional billboard advertising may seem out of reach or impractical; our vision is to help businesses grow and gain exposure when they use our platform in their marketing strategies. This Halloween, I’m excited to help lead this year’s parade with Mama Donna’s blessing band, in order to continue the tradition of blessing the parade. I’m grateful to have the opportunity to work with such amazing people and assisting in this celebration truly feels like a blessing.

#4 | puppets/special

Mortal Beasts

The Mortal Beasts & Deities troupe has been spreading their Controlled Mayhem and Earnest Frivolity far and wide with their Splendiferous Stilt Dancers and Larger than Life Puppets for 25 years!

Created and directed by founding artist Mark Alexander, MB&D first appeared in the NYC Village Halloween Parade in 2004. Check them out at Mortal Beasts & Deities on Facebook and .

#5 | music/walking

Brass Queens

Brass Queens is an 8-piece brass band whose sound is deeply inspired by the music of New Orleans mixed with the flair of modern pop. Hailing from Brooklyn, NY, the Brass Queens features an all-female horn section with the goal of expanding the space for women in a male-dominated industry.

Brass Queens has performed at the 2021 Met Gala, on Good Morning America, Governor's Ball Music Festival, Exit Zero Jazz Festival, Chanel No. 5’s 125th anniversary, and for notable clients including Saks Fifth Avenue, Tiffany & Co., Perrier, Instagram, New Balance, and many more.

#6 | puppets/special

Day of Dead Skeleton

#7 | music/walking

NYC Mariachi Inc

"My vision is for the public, apprentices and professional musicians to develop and further promote this valuable musical tradition, Mariachi!" - A.P.

The Paulino Dynasty (Mariachi Mariachi Tapatio De Alvaro Paulino), The Mariachi Conservatory and Union join to promote the beauty and splendor of Mariachi music in the Big Apple, New York City!

Based out of Brooklyn, NY and founded in 1983, Mariachi Tapatio de Alvaro Paulino takes pride as "The Northeast's Finest Mariachi from New York City" and serving as role
models for the future generation of Mariachi musicians (men and women) in New York City and the rest of the Northeast. Mariachi Tapatio offers musical prowess with an ensemble comprised of remarkably talented musicians with an immense desire to promote the beauty and splendor of mariachi music.

Since 1983, New York’s Mariachi Tapatio de Alvaro Paulino has not only been captivating audiences throughout the New York Tri-State Area, but also other states and countries with their energetic shows, strong vocals, stirring melodies, and masterful execution of classical, traditional, and contemporary arrangements alike. Mariachi Tapatio appeals to audiences of all generations and heritages.

Under the direction of Don Alvaro Paulino and the musical direction of his son Alvaro Paulino Jr., Mariachi Tapatio’s performances are in high demand throughout the New York Tri-State and Northeast area.

Mariachi Tapatio de Alvaro Paulino have collaborated and/or shared the stage with world class artists such as Wyclef Jean former Fugee, Jose Jose “El Principe De La Cancion”, Maria Elena Beltran – hija de Lola Beltran “La Reina De La Cancion Ranchera”, Pablo Montero.

Just as seen on channels ABC, NBC, MTV, MTV Tres, Univision, Telemundo etc. Mariachi Tapatio has been featured on NBC’s comedy show “30 Rock” with Tracy Morgan and Tina Fey, ABC’s romantic comedy show “Cupid”, Good Morning America with Diane Sawyer, MTV, MTV3, MGM movie “The Zookeeper” starring Kevin James which has premiered Summer 2011 and much more!

Not only has Mariachi Tapatio done TV shows,they have performed at many prestigious events and venues;;;; most notably Madison Square Garden, Radio City Music Hall, Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Rockefellar Center, Cipriani Wall St.!

They also have toured out of state, Santa Fe, NM for Fiestas 2010 and performed at the Santa Fe Opera House.

In addition, they have traveled internationally, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Cayman Islands, Panama, Costa Rica and Antiga.

Various members of Mariachi Tapatio are mariachi educators throughout schools and after school programs such as the New York City Mariachi Conservatory.

New York City Mariachi Conservatory is glad to announce a Mariachi Master Apprentice Program;;;; a professional mentorship, musical enrichment, and cultural expression for all ages. Together with Mariachi Tapatio de Alvaro Paulino, have set the standard for New York City! Aside from setting the standard, also serving as a role model and platform for the future generations of mariachi musicians in New York City and the Northeast.

This program instructs youth and adults who are ready to advance their skills as mariachi musicians. Weekly sessions provide professional instrumental technique development, vocal coaching, music theory education, and performance etiquette, while enhancing repertoire that emphasizes the traditional and popular mariachi music forms, including sones, rancheras, huapangos, boleros, and polkas. Training focuses on the core of musical instruments traditional to the mariachi ensemble: guitarrón, vihuela, guitar, harp, violin, and trumpet.

NYC Mariachi Conservatory aims to carry-on the mariachi tradition by targeting promising youth that strive for musical excellence. The program is designed to transcend the basics, shaping ambitious youth that have the potential to become masters in their own right. NYCMC vision is that these apprentices may then serve to further develop this valuable musical tradition.

NEW YORK CITY MARIACHI CONSERVATORY - Mariachi Master Apprentice Program taught by New York's Finest Mariachi, Mariachi Tapatio de Alvaro Paulino. NYCMC teaches workshops all over NYC, major Mariachi Conferences throughout the U.S., and internationally.

This master program is opened to kids and adults of all ages and backgrounds. NYCMC has been the first program in NYC to be open to adults and also the first to introduce Mariachi to the NYC Department of Education and is currently teaching at a public school in Park Slope.

The founder Alvaro Paulino Jr. directs Mariachi Tapatio and the all female group Mariachi Las Tapatias. For 5 years now, Alvaro has been under contract touring the world with The Nation's Premier Mariachi, Mariachi Sol de Mexico de Jose Hernandez along with the famous latino singer Luis Miguel. He's also under contract for NBC's Multiple award-winning comedy "30 Rock" along with Tina Fey.

We teach the following instruments: Violin, Trumpet, Vihuela, Guitar, Guitarron, Harp and Voice.

NYCMC teaches workshops all over NYC, major Mariachi Conferences throughout the U.S., and internationally. Also, NYCMC are the producers of the 1st Mariachi Conference ever in the East Coast which takes place in NYC every June!

This master program is opened to kids and adults of all ages and backgrounds. NYCMC has been the first program in NYC to be open to adults and also the first to introduce Mariachi to the NYC Department of Education via Arts Connection.

#8 | puppets/special

Perennial Puppets

#9 | music/walking

Giglio Band

#10 | specials

Addams Family Birthday

Jamie/39/Brooklyn/Property Manager who loves to cook and she is "the mermaid swimming on the sidewalk for Halloween 2019" ... as aloof, poised, deadpan, 'Morticia Addams'.
**Something these two witches have in common is they are very elegant, well-mannered, always polite, and both are fiercely protective.

Daniel/31/Queens/Mechanic Engineer/Electrician who is also a speed racer F1 & NASCAR fanatic. He will play as 'Gomez Addams'
Gender - Male
Species- Human,
Occupation- Bussiness Lawyer
Nickname - Bubele (by Morticia; Yiddish or Bavarian German for "darling"

Luna/9/Brooklyn/4th grade, she loves spaghetti, and making slime. She plays Wednesday. Who's middle name is "Friday." Her full name is Wednesday Friday Addams.

Bella/10/Brooklyn/5th grade & loves pizza and making slime, as female version of Pugsley; described as a devious, young, brilliant girl.

*The Addams Family!
The character originated in the Charles Addams cartoons for The New Yorker magazine in the 1930s.

Gomez and Morticia Addams appear to be the epitome of a healthy relationship in terms of their love for one another and their communication patterns. What we call today "relationship goals"

Their children: Wednesday and Pugsley, well-mannered which they learned from the fantastic example set by their parents – curious, bright, and considerate of others. Morticia and Gomez practice what we now call “Gentle Parenting.” They listen to their kids and try to understand them.

#11 | Individuals

Andy Hort Family

#12 | Individuals

Barnaby Ruhe

#13 | Individuals

Breeze Godfrey

I'm Breeze Godfrey and my Fathers Birthday is on Halloween and we were known for huge celebrations every year where we decorated and celebrate in my dad's honor with a huge Gumbo. People from all over would show up and participate in elaborate costumes. This is my favorite holiday. I met Jeanne a few years ago in my Angel of lights costume and it was the year I had my hit single out called Freedom. I am a billboard recording artist and it was like magic that we met and I shared why Halloween is so important to me and my family and friends. We honor my dads memory and Birthday in celebration of life.

My Tribe of family and friends are so excited to be a part of Freedom this year and all are dressing as individuals of Freedom of expression. So from our kids to the adults you will see us in wings, Flag twirlers to sultans and hoola hoop hoopsters. Egyptians to zombies. Just to name a few. I am the Angel of light this year and my wings and entire costume will be lit for the Gods. Here is a link to my website and my single Freedom. We are so happy to be a part of this incredible celebration. Jeanne we love you so much for what you bring to our magical city.

#14 | Individuals

Deck of Cards (really Oz)

#15 | Individuals

Hodo Alien

Vilma Hodo is an Albanian born actor and performing artist based in New York City.She has studied acting in the National Academy of Arts in Tirana\Albania and Psychology in the University of Social Sciences.Acting for Vilma is an instinct. Her Alien solo performance ” The Power of Transformation” based on silent acting and dance, produced by Raw Artists had its premiere at Raw Brooklyn on December 19th 2018. She embodies the character of an Alien that lands on earth in unknown circumstances and goes through humans memories, pain, music and experiences.She has performed “The power of transformation” in Raw Hollywood Los Angelos twice and in many several venues and art galleries in New York City. Hodo Alien has gone viral many times appearing and interacting with New Yorkers in many public spaces in NYC. Vilma is constantly working in progress to build a full production for her Alien Solo performance. Recently (June 17th 2022 ) she had her first audition with Universal Studios in California. Off-Off Broadway stages like Theatre for the New City (NYC) and 13th Repertory Theatre(NYC) ,Mirage Theatre (NYC), Hudson Guild Theatre (NYC), Martha’s Vineyard Playhouse (MA) Actors Temple Theatre (NYC) are stages where she is seen to perform in many productions. Film credits “Execution”(2018) “Casting Close” (2018) Rekindling (2019) Adam and Eve ( 2021) Late Afternoon (2022) Look in my Eyes (2022)

#16 | Individuals

Julie Harvey

Isis & Ancient Gods
Created by Julie Harvey

New York artist, Julie Harvey, will become Isis, the mother of all gods and a symbol of rebirth. Ms. Harvey will awaken her Ancient Gods from their pandemic slumber and escort them through the village for the 2021 Halloween Parade.


Julie Harvey’s professional career began in New York City in the mid 1980s, and she has since been an essential part of New York’s creative scene. Ms. Harvey received her Bachelor of Fine Arts at Virginia Commonwealth University graduating Magna Cum Laude, and received her Master of Fine Arts from Parsons School of Design. She has exhibited her paintings and sculptures throughout the country and has been featured in many television shows and news programs. She has produced and directed several renowned multimedia events that have included musicians, dancers, lighting designers, and visual artists. Julie Harvey is also known for her dynamic paintings of dancers, as well as her colossal 75 X 50-foot public artwork called the “Liberty Mural” that is located downtown near the World Trade Center. Ms Harvey’s monumental “Liberty Mural” was created to celebrate the past, present and future of New York City, and proudly stands today after suffering through the 9-11 terrorist attacks and Hurricane Sandy. Highlights from Julie Harvey’s career can be viewed on her website:


Julie Harvey - artist, painting, sculpture, multi-disciplinary
Cara Coniglio
Bernie Ennis
Sharon Ennis
Charles Tetro
Danielle Cheng
Audrey Wu
Gail Bristol


Julie Harvey
212-979-1300 cell
[email protected]

#17 | Individuals

Mark Perez

#18 | puppets/special

Serra Hirsch & Friends

Serra Hirsch is a NYC-based Voice Actor and Puppeteer/Puppet Designer who attended Emerson College (BFA, Acting) and NYU (MA, Educational Theater). Bilingual in French and English (native French speaker, dual citizen France/America), Serra has been a working voice-over actor in both languages for the last 15 years, voicing TV/Radio/Web commercials (Burlington Coat Factory, Trip Advisor, YellowTail Wine, Nickelodeon and Bud Light, to name a few), narration (Bank of America website, Skype training videos, GoDaddy), and animation (Mrs. Muchmore in Turner/Boomarang's Taffy, Domino in Wolverine and the X-Men, French voice-over translation; tween angel Urie in NBC's weekly syndicated cartoon, Angel's Friends; the southern belle "Rachel" in all 3 seasons of Nestle's Raisinets Webisodes, among others).

Serra can deliver professional quality, finished files with a quick turnaround from her home studio, or head to a NYC city studio. Her bids always include a few basic pickups/revisions, and she can easily be directed remotely as well!

When not in the booth, Serra runs a Brooklyn-based puppet company called Puppet Junction Productions, which is best known for designing, building and performing a 12' tall puppet of Stephen Colbert for Comedy Central's "Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear" live TV special taped in front of an audience of 300,000 in the Washington, D.C. mall. Puppet Junction also recently toured its original puppet play, The Dalí Project, at the Detroit Institute of Arts.

#19 | Individuals

The Original Robot - Thomas Becker

#20 | Individuals

Van Gogh

James Haggerty is an award-winning mosaic artist, painter, printmaker from NYC who has exhibited his work throughout the United States and abroad. He received awards with the Society of American Graphic Artists, Audubon Artists Inc., the Salmagundi Club, the American Artists Professional League and the Artlink Contemporary Art Gallery.

With a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Hunter College and additional instruction from the Art Students League of NY and the School of Visual Arts, Haggerty’s diverse training lends an unmistakable distinctive character to his work. No matter the subject or medium; century old interiors, contemporary architecture, or mosaics created from staples, Haggerty creates a sense of drama, power and mystery.

His work hangs in private and public collections, most prominently the permanent collections of Ripley’s Believe it or Not! and the Dr. M.T. Geoffrey Yeh Art Gallery of St. John’s University. He is a member of esteemed Society of American Graphic Artists. His work is represented by the Old Print Shop in New York City.

#21 | music/walking

Gypsy Funk Squad

Gypsy Funk Squad is a unique and eclectic dance band playing funked up as well as traditional music from Turkey, Armenia, Egypt, Israel, Native Americans, Spain, Lebanon, India and anything one can imagine played in bohemian cafes and exotic bazaars in many esoteric parts of the world. Their repertoire includes revamped rock tunes played in a gypsy style and original psychedelic surprises. The music lends itself well and is extremely popular among belly dancers and tribal dancing troupes, barefoot yoga dancers, and festival goers.

#22 | music/walking

Tilted Axes

TILTED AXES: MUSIC FOR MOBILE ELECTRIC GUITARS is an orchestra of guitarists and percussionists led by composer and performer Patrick Grant since its premiere on the winter solstice 11 years ago.

Flexible in number, the group performs original music untethered via portable mini-amps strapped over their shoulders.

The project takes on aspects of spectacle informed by urban street band tradition, avant-garde theater, and ancient music. It takes music out into the world and seeks transformative situations meant to change the community conversation.

Since its inception, the project has performed at music, film, and theater festivals in the USA, Europe, and Brazil.

#23 | puppets/special

Puppeteers CoOp/Sara Peattie

The Puppeteers Cooperative specializes in community workshops, giant puppets, pageants, and parades. It includes The Back Alley Puppet Theater, which operates the Puppet Free Library, Puppaganda, which works in toy theater and video, and The Construction Section, which builds puppets and masks..It also runs an informational website about making giant puppets: .

#24 | music/walking

Wollesonic Rattler Band

"Wollesonic Rattler Band" is a brand new band founded by NYC drummer and instrument builder Kenny Wollesen. The band features hand-made instruments built by Wollesen called "Rattlers".

Made from various discarded materials such as fish tins, bottle caps, jar lids and plastic bottles the "Rattlers" are shaker-type instruments which are easy and fun to play.

The different re-purposed materials used give each "Rattler" a unique character, timbre and pitch. No two are alike !

#25 | specials

Disability Pride

Mike Schweinsburg was the Executive Director for NYC's First Disability Pride Parade in 2015, in celebration of the 25th anniversary of the ADA. It became an annual event but was canceled for 2 years due to the pandemic and was once again canceled this year because of hurricane Ida and the strong wind gusts on October 2nd.

Mike also serves as the president of the 504 Democratic Club which is bipartisan in membership (our Vice President is a Republican), one of only three city-wide clubs and the nation's first and largest advocating for the Civil Rights of People with Disabilities.

#26 | specials

Austin Babbitt

#27 | music/walking

The Queer Big Apple Corps

The Queer Big Apple Corps is the new name of The Lesbian & Gay Big Apple Corps. Since its formation in 1979, the band has represented the LGBTQIA+ community and brought “The Sound of Love & Joy” to audiences across the United States and Canada.

The Queer Big Apple Corps has received countless coveted “best band” awards in parades large and small from coast to coast. The band has been seen by millions of people around the world in the 2020 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day broadcast, two Ticker Tape parades, in Pride Night half-time shows for the Brooklyn Nets and NY Knicks and on the field for the NY Mets, and in 15-20 parades and street performances each year.

A founding member of the Pride Bands Alliance (PBA), the Queer Big Apple Corps also performed with the PBA massed band in both Inaugural Parades for Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

With more than 250 musicians, color guard, and band aides, the Queer Big Apple Corps proudly celebrates its 43rd anniversary this fall, and plans on lifting the hearts of audiences in concert halls and on parade routes for decades to come.

#28 | puppets/special

Andy Warhol Puppet

Evolve Puppets' Tanya Khordoc & Barry Weil, created this ten-foot-tall Andy Warhol puppet for Bated Breath Theatre Company's immersive and theatrical walking tour, Chasing Andy Warhol, directed by Mara Lieberman. It is performed today by Kayla Prestel, together with Tanya Khordoc and Barry Weil.

Evolve Puppets have been creating innovative, grant-winning puppet theatre in NYC for more than two decades. They designed puppets for the musical Devil and the Deep with music by Graham Russell of Air Supply. Their puppet film LIGHT AS PAPER has been named an Official Selection by the Vienna International Film Awards, Canada’s Festival of Animated Objects, and the Coney Island Film Festival. Evolve Puppets had the honor of designing, directing and performing in the World Premiere of Vaclav Havel's play Motormorphosis! To see more of their work, please visit

Bated Breath Theatre Company (Mara Lieberman) is the pioneer of pandemic-friendly theatre and brings immersive, participatory theatre to New York City. Voyeur: The Windows of Toulouse-Lautrec (2020) won Broadway World Awards for Best Play, Best Production of a Play, and Best Direction of a Play, and named Director, Mara Lieberman a “Future Maker, one of 50 people across the globe creating the future of incredible cities”. In 2022, Bated Breath hired Evolve Puppets to design and build 2 Andy Warhol puppets for our production of Chasing Andy Warhol, which partnered with the Greenwich Business Village Alliance, the NoHo BID and local businesses in the area. Bated Breath is developing new plays for premiere in 2023. Visit and for more.

#29 | music/walking

Hungry March Band

Celebrating over 20 years of bringing live musical spectacle to the people of New York City and beyond is Hungry March Band, a brass, percussion, and performance ensemble.

Founded in Brooklyn in 1997 for the Coney Island Mermaid Parade, HMB embodies the spirit of NYC’s streets with an inimitable brass sound and inspired, eclectic dance.

HMB has shared their creativity with audiences around the United States, South America, and Europe, where they’ve been embraced by a longstanding community of brass bands.

A unique sonic voice has emerged from the recording of their four self-released albums—one that melds their musical knowledge of big band, traditional, and free jazz, with punk rock and global brass influences.

#30 | specials

NYC Hoopers

#31 | specials

Quiet Events

Quiet Events is a nationwide company that throws parties and rents silent disco headphones. The headphones have a switch that tune into 3 channels of music controlled by your DJ (the snail), each channel lights up a different color so you can see who’s listening to which music. For more information visit

#32 | specials

Monsters Villians United

We are actors from The Haunt At Rocky Ledge A haunted attraction in White Plains NY And TERROR ON TOTTEN A NYPD RUN haunt i work at in queens and a few horror cosplayers who work with us from time to time sprinkled in the group. I run the group my name is JON JON I am dressed up as the DAPPER JASON ( im wearing a black bloody dress suit red shirt and tie and a Jason hockey mask

#33 | specials

Mother Earth vs War Machine

Zool is an artist, activist and producer. A member of the Directors Guild of America, he has worked in every production capacity on more than a hundred “Hollywood-on-Hudson” movies and TV shows.

He is an organizer with Rising Together, a coalition building effort linking the issues of supremacy, inequity, militarism and sustainability. Our Rising Together Guerrilla Theater’s production of “Mother Earth vs. The War Machine” presents a stark choice.

We choose Mother Earth.

#34 | music

Rude Mechanical Orchestra

The Rude Mechanical Orchestra is a New York City-based radical marching band. We exist in order to serve the efforts of progressive and radical groups and causes, including: feminism and women’s rights, immigrant rights, queer rights, labor, the environment, peace, community self-determination, and racial, social, and economic justice. We pledge to fight racism, sexism, homophobia, war and violence in all its forms. Through our music, we strive to bring joy and inspiration to these communities and to bring new people into radical causes. Internally, we work towards being a safe, welcoming place for all genders and gender identities, ages, races, backgrounds, sexual orientations, disabilities and musical skill levels. Through our musical selections, we pay tribute to the world’s cultures and the revolutionary role music has played throughout history.

#35 | music/walking

Banda Rim Bam Bum

Inspired by the traditional rhythms of Andean culture, Latin American Carnival, and the fusions of Afro-Latin rhythms, the rhythmic mixtures of Rim Bam Bum will awaken the senses to vivid expressions of celebration. Their proposal takes the audience on a sonorous journey that travels through the iconic and diverse rhythms of a carnival party, where this festive spirit of music is embodied.

Banda Rim Bam Bum is an ensemble of 20 wind and percussionists, along with a figurín who brings them to life. In 2016, after 6 years of deepening their artistic work, their first musical album “Imparable” was born. With 11 original compositions, the album flows through rhythms and melodies of the Latin America, such as morenada, diablada, tinku, salsa and frevo, in addition to funk, ska, and rocksteady fusions.

In 2022, the Band released their latest single called “Amazonía,” inspired by traditional Andean rhythms and compositions. It proposes a rocksteady fusion with morenada language. “Amazonía” calls us to defend nature, to fight against extractivism, and to advocate against the indiscriminate abuse of the flora and fauna of our planet. This vision is captured in the band’s video clip, which through organic illustrations portrays the struggle between the jungle – their ancestral territory – and the advancements of urbanization.

#36 | float

Float - Children's Museum Group

Since 1988, Children’s Museum of the Arts has been changing the way people value our youngest artists and their aesthetic contributions to the world. In 2022, pledging to make all of its programs 100% free of charge, the museum closed its fee-for-service facility at 103 Charlton Street to follow a new North Star: maximizing accessibility to excellent progressive arts education for all children.

#37 | music/walking

Underground Horns

“we are cooking audio gumbo…our special recipe includes some funk, jazz, hip hop mixed with brass band traditions spiced up with African and other world rhythms… MUSIC FOR THE PEOPLE!"

Underground Horns is a Brooklyn based brass band playing Afro Funk Latin New Orleans grooves and beyond. AllAboutJazz called their 2009 debut record FUNK MONK "kick-ass dance music…that brushes up against psychedelia…with shots of funky brass juice."

Their second album BIG BEAT (2010) was reviewed by Ken Waxman in The New York Jazz Record calling them "an unapologetic party band with brains...with tonal inflections from the Big Easy, central Africa, the Maghreb and the Baltic states" and on their third record ALMOST BLUE (2014) they were "expanding the sonic range while never leaving the groove behind." (Sam Spokony, The Villager)

Underground Horns performed internationally in Brazil, Egypt and Germany, stateside at the Lowdown Hudson Blues Festival, NYC Winter Jazz Festival, Dizzy's (Jazz at Lincoln Center) and various Jam Band Festivals, sharing the bill with Rebirth Brass Band, Big Sam's Funky Nation and B.B. King.

In the big city they make people dance in subway stations, parks and at their club dates at nublu, the Blue Note and Brooklyn Bowl, among others. They also have been playing as a marching band, namely at the spectacular NYC Village Halloween Parade.

Underground Horns is led by alto saxophonist Welf Dorr, who, originally from Munich (Germany), moved 1995 to New York where he played/recorded with Sonny Simmons, Frank Lacy, Sabir Mateen, Butch Morris, Kenny Wollesen, Jojo Kuo and Vernon Reid a.o. He performed in the US, Europe, Mexico, Brazil and Egypt including festivals such as Willisau (Switzerland) or Central Park SummerStage as well as places as City Hall of New York.

#38 | float

Float - Kostume Kult Group

#39 | music/walking

Fogo Azul NYC

Here comes Fogo Azul New York City! Gotham's own Women/Trans/Non-Binary Samba Drummers! Performing in over 200 events in and around NYC every year, Fogo Azul NYC with 120 members is the USA's LARGEST drumline! Always taking new members, no experience necessary. Tag us on social media FOGO AZUL NY!!!

#40 | float

Float - Abby Group

Hekate Café & Elixir Lounge is New York City's ONLY sober bar! Located on Avenue B in the heart of Alphabet City, this witchy little café, fueled by feminine energy, is a hub for sober folks, the sober curious, and anyone interested in an alternative to boozy bars.

They are joined by a marching contingent, Witches Vote, a pan-gendered coven of siblings reminding America that "Voting is Magic." The election is merely days away and we have the power to control our future and our bodily autonomy by casting spells and casting VOTES!

#41 | specials

Brooklyn United Marching Band

#42 | float

Float - Human Security Group

HUMAN is a cybersecurity company that safeguards 500+ customers from sophisticated bot attacks, fraud and account abuse. We leverage modern defense—internet visibility, network effect, and disruptions—to enable our customers to increase ROI and trust while decreasing end-user friction, data contamination, and cybersecurity exposure. Today we verify the humanity of more than 20 trillion digital interactions per week across advertising, marketing, e-commerce, government, education and enterprise security, putting us in a position to win against cybercriminals. Protect your digital business with HUMAN. To Know Who’s Real, visit

#43 | music/walking

The L Train Brass Band

The L Train Brass Band is a nonprofit community brass band of over 100 brass, reed, and percussion musicians who have been playing music together since 2017. The LTBB embodies a "music for life" ethos by empowering adults from all musical backgrounds and walks of life to continue making music - from the parks of Brooklyn to the streets of New Orleans.

#44 | specials

Float - Freedom Guests Fifi!

#45 | float

Michael Graceffa Dancers

The ‘Boi Band’ is a group of queer male-identifying creatives who love to dance and make their passion a living. Collectively our dancers have been featured on Broadway, major motion pictures, TV, music videos, and major artist tours. The collective has a mission to always create joy through dance and to always be as unique, authentic, and fun as possible!

#46 | dance

NYPD Dance Team

#47 | specials/paid

Rock Star - Anthony Atkinson

#48 | Rope

Grand Marshal Rope

#49 | music/walking

Los Moñuses USA

We are a cultural group!!! Founded in 1985 in a humble neighborhood of the Dominican Republic, our costume is characterized by the color and the sound of our bells, which ring when we dance!

#50 | music/walking

Center Of Attention Dance Company

Majorette Hiphop youth team ages range from 5-20 years old from Brooklyn NYC.

#51 | music/walking

Samba New York!

Samba New York! is a world-renowned samba performance company dedicated to entertaining, educating, and uplifting people of all backgrounds with the exhilarating music and dance of Brazil.

#52 | float

Float - Monkey Shoulder Mixer Truck

#53 | float

Float - Monkey Shoulder Group

Monkey Shoulder Talking Points

A 100 percent malt whisky, this top-notch quality Scotch is made from a selection of Speyside single malts married to create an exceptional flavor.

Refreshingly approachable and tailor made for mixing, Monkey Shoulder mixes well with fruit notes, like orange and pineapple, and can be enjoyed in a variety of cocktails like an Old Fashioned or Monkey Jam Sour.

The Monkey Mixer is The Ultimate Cocktail Experience, a concrete mixer converted into the World’s Largest Cocktail shaker that drives home the point that Monkey Shoulder Whisky is made for mixing! The drums of our Mixers have the capacity to carry the equivalent of 12,000 bottles of Monkey Shoulder Whisky.

Early in the 2000’s the team at William Grant recognized an opportunity to bring the world of Scotch to a much bigger audience through championing cocktails and mixed drinks. At the time the idea of blending only malt whiskies was a novel one because blends usually included some grain whisky. Monkey Shoulder ended up creating a new category of Scotch, ‘a blend of malts,’ that no one else had ever released before.

Monkey Shoulder’s name pays affectionate tribute to the whisky making craft itself, and its rich history of talented malt men of years past. A malt man’s skill is demonstrated as he slowly turns the malting barley by hand. Years ago, some malt men would develop a strain injury known as Monkey Shoulder. Thankfully, the condition no longer exists, but the name lives on in our iconic whisky.

Monkey Shoulder has an SRP of $32.99.

#54 | music/walking

Funkrust Brass Band

The music of the apocalypse isn’t death metal — it’s brass.

Funkrust Brass Band is a 20-piece post-apocalyptic disco-punk brass band playing all original music with megaphone vocals, heavy tuba bass lines, thundering percussion and searing brass melodies. Their explosive live performances feature full band choreography, signature wasteland/glam uniforms and LED lighting effects. The band mixes post-punk, disco, EDM, metal, and funk with Balkan brass and New Orleans second line sounds, and filters that through the medium of a massive street brass band with a punk rock sensibility.

Funkrust is a brass band from a future dystopia, dedicated to bringing hope to the survivors: in this post-apocalyptic world, the only bands left are those that can play without electricity or sound equipment. Each of the songs addresses that audience in a different way — from the examination of loss and despair to the collective catharsis of high energy dance music.

#55 | dance

The TailSlayers

#56 | float

Float - Wild Animals Group

#57 | float

Taro Baugham DJ Darcy

#58 | float

Float - Thriller Group

#59 | float

Float - Monster Energy Group

#60 | music/walking

Showband Vecia Trieste

Showband Vecia Trieste is a little Italian marching band. Characterized by an imposing and sonorous percussion department, the Show Band “Vecia Trieste” will initially strike you for the engaging and cheerful music performed with enthusiasm by the expert and close-knit players. Subsequently you will be attracted by the brass of the group who perform the pieces intertwining songs and contraccanti with absolute mastery. All the pieces of music, past and recent hits, have been musically elaborated by the members of the Show Band which is carried both musically and in the movements by its leader Riccardo Gobessi.

Fresh from international successes in France, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Croatia and Montenegro

#61 | music/walking

Bloco La Conga

Bloco La Conga is a community of musicians dedicated to the study and performance of Carnaval music of the Americas.

Our repertoire is influenced mostly by styles from Cuba, Brazil, the USA, and the African Diaspora in general.

In Brazil a bloco is a street band that mobilizes, excites and inspires revelers during Carnaval. In Santiago de Cuba, this would be called a conga (as in "conga line").

Bloco La Conga is currently on a mission to introduce the Conga Santiaguera , the unique and exciting sound of Santiago de Cuba's carnaval, to audiences in the New York area.

#62 | float

Float - Day of the Dead Group

#63 | music/walking

Manhattan Samba

Manhattan Samba, the New York region’s original and longest performing bateria, was founded in 1990 by master percussionist, Ivo Araujo, a native Carioca, from Rio de Janeiro. Manhattan Samba performs at many of the top venues in New York and the NY Metro area...including Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center Out of Doors, the UN, Beacon Theatre, Central Park Summer Stage, Hudson River Park Sunset on the Hudson Festival, NY Fashion Week, Symphony Space and many other venues, festivals, clubs and corporate events.

#64 | music/walking

Stoop Kidz Brass Band

#65 | dance

Power House Dance Company

#66 | music/walking

Mariachi Real de Mexico

Mariachi Real De Mexico was founded in New York City in 1991 by Ramon Ponce, Sr and his son Ramon Ponce, Jr. Mariachi Real De Mexico is considered to be the most important and sought after Mariachi band in the East Coast of The United States. Since the beginning Mariachi Real De Mexico has had great acceptance by the general public. They have done hundreds of private and public performances.

In 2002 Mariachi Real De Mexico established The Mariachi Academy of New York a non-profit organization devoted to teaching the music and tradition of mariachi for free in New York City. This is a way for the band to give back to the community and keep the beautiful music and tradition alive in future generations.

#67 | vehicle/music

Caporales San Simon Sucre NY

The Caporales is a traditional Andean dance originated in Los Yungas of La Paz. Caporales were created and presented to the public for the first time in 1969 by the Estrada Pacheco brothers, who were inspired in the character of the 'Caporal' who is the overseer of the black slaves and was usually mixed race, wore boots and held a whip, a dance that belongs to the region of the Yungas, Bolivia

#68 | vehicle/music

Los Frailes

We are a Carnaval Group of people from the Dominican Republic,

#69 | specials

Public Advocate Group

#70 | car

Ghostbusters - Car #1

The New York City Ghostbusters are a fan-organized cosplay group who use their love of the classic film franchise to educate children in STEM based activities, all while raising money for local charities.

Thank you again for letting us participate in the parade we always love and have a blast in doing so. We can not wait for Monday and have our fingers crossed for clear skies and beautiful weather. Have a great day and Happy Halloween.

#71 | car

Ghostbusters - Car #2

#72 | car


#73 | vehicle/music

Chinelos de Morelos Lowriders

Traditional dance group from the state of Morelos Mexico. We dance in costumes mask and big sombreros hat with feathers.

#74 | vehicle/music

Chinelos de Morelos Performers

Chinelos are a kind of traditional costumed dancer which is popular in the Mexican state of Morelos, parts of the State of Mexico. The tradition arose from the blending of indigenous and Catholic traditions, most notably Carnival, with its permission to be masked and to mock. Chinelos mock Europeans and European mannerisms from the colonial period up to the end of the 19th century. The Chinelos tradition is strongest in Morelos, especially around Carnival, but Chinelos now appear at other festivities such as Independence Day celebrations, parades, private parties, sinterklass and of course like every year THE HALLOWEEN PARADE.

#75 | music/walking

Batalá New York

Batalá New York is an all women, Black-led, Afrocentric drumming ensemble. The band promotes, and collaborates with, a network of Afro-Brazilian artists in Bahia, in New York, and around the globe, sharing Afro-Brazilian culture and its roots in Black resistance.

Batala New York is also transforming images of women by presenting a loud, fearless and diverse community of female drummers. It performs throughout the New York region in concert halls, at community centers, parks and gardens, on the streets, at protests, and at top cultural institutions.

In addition, Batalá New York is part of a global arts project of over thirty bands playing Afro-Brazilian music with percussive instruments and costumes hailing from Salvador de Bahia, in northeast Brazil. The Batalá bands principally play Samba Reggae, a world music that incorporates Brazilian Samba and Caribbean Reggae.

The band plays the compositions and arrangements of Mestre Giba Gonçalves, founder of Batalá, and other mestres on drums with polymer skins. The band's music includes rhythms heard throughout the African diaspora and pays homage to traditional Afro-Brazilian music and spirituality. Most of the instruments are worn on the body. Batala New York's performances, with colorful costumes and dynamic choreography, are a high energy, joyful percussive experience.

#76 | music/walking

Djarara Lakay

A samba Haitian roots musical band, with musical instruments in hands, loud and powerful sounds that pleases spectators, the musicians walk miles to bring excitements to the expecting crowds, gyrating to sounds of the souls, an iconic genre solely from Haiti, the land of powerful spiritual beats that serves the ancestors.

We are a Haitian grass-roots band that plays RARA music.
A very popular genre of music in Haiti, used in all occasions that requires loud acoustical hand held instruments.

We require no electricity to deliver our music, it is loud, vibrant, and crowd pleasing, mostly everyone joins in the dancing frenzy of winning bodies, to the sounds of the drums, and the horns.

We use drums, horns, Haitian snaydrum, bamboo, cornets, graters and tchatcha, and a samba who sings folklore, roots, musical rhythms.

We also performed for the New Orleans Music Jazz Festivals.

#77 | vehicle/music

Central Park Dance Skaters Association

DJ Duce Martinez and his D Wild radio DJ group will play classic Disco dance and House music for our group of roller skaters.

#78 | music/walking

Panzer NYC

We are originally a punk band from Brooklyn, however, for the parade, we are bringing ethnic instruments such as tom-tom drums, shakers, an acoustic guitar and a portable amp for the mic.

#79 | float

Float - Peter Munch Group

#80 | car

Ghostbusters - Scorza Group

#81 | car

Ghostbusters - Scorza Vehicle

#82 | vehicle/music

EnJ Productions

#83 | float

Float - Golub Art Group

Human Connection Arts is a non-profit art organization dedicated to free artistic express and acceptance of all people through large scale public art events around the world. HCA is proud to have joined the NYC Halloween Parade every year since 2007!

#84 | vehicle/music

Vehicle - Paramount Theater Group

Staten Island Paramount Theater Parade Float participants in numerous annual parades throughout NYC and would love to join again this year. Parade float is always designed / decoratored differently every parade is a new band / entertainment. This year we would like to present live music by Peter Baron’s Vampire Opera. Everyone will be dressed in Vampire costumes. Radio personality Maria milito from Q104.3 will be joining us on the float. Float comes with sound system, lighting and power. All equipment, vehicles and float are properly plated, licensed and insured. Total # of participants with our group is approximately 50 with 7 band members, 6 parade hands / spotters and the rest dressed as vampires. Please contact me to confirm us performing again this year. Thank you and looking forward to this years parade.

#85 | car

Junxion Bus - Group

#86 | music/walking

Maragin Productions

#87 | vehicle/music

Harmony Music Performers

Steelband Orchestra

#88 | music/walking

New Beginnings Drum & Bugle Corps

We is an eclectic group of musicians ranging in ages of teens to in our 60's.

Drummers, based out of a group in staten island and horn players based from a splinter group of the Westchester Brassmen who just have a passion of what we do.

We come from Staten Island... Harlem... the Bronx... Westchester and our doors are always open to any who'd like to enjoy a lust for music.

Roy Lespier, acting Director
George Paul, Drum extraordinaire
Charlie Ross, Brass co-ordinator

#89 | vehicle/music

New Horizon MAS Band

New horizon is the band with the most vibes. We are a family mas band based of of newyork. Who background is from Trinidad & Tobago. We travel all over the world to showcase not only our culture but talent as well. We emphasize on begin on nation to represent the Caribbean and to teach our young generation about where they come from.

🤷🏽 We Are Experiencing Some Technical Difficulties.....Please Stand By

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