New York City’s 48th Annual

Village Halloween Parade

October 31, 2021 at 7 pm | Presented LIVE by NY1 at 8 pm

The nation’s most wildly creative public participatory event in the greatest city in the world!


Welcome to the Village Halloween Parade Shop!

2017 Theme and Tee: TBD


The 2016 Theme: Reverie

“Reverie” designed by Monozorro.

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Collector’s Tees…

We are also offering rare and classic collector’s tees from years past while they last! Scroll down!

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2016 Official Tees

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[product_page id=”1157″ productname=”2016 Baby Doll Tee”]


Tote Bag

[product_page id=”1162″ productname=”Official Village Halloween Tote”]


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Collector’s Tees and Posters

[product_page id=”1174″ productname=”2015 Tee”]
[product_page id=”1189″ productname=”2015 Baby Doll Tee”]
[product_page id=”1206″ productname=”Garden of Earthly Delights Poster”]
[product_page id=”1208″ productname=”2014 Beefy Tee”]
[product_page id=”1214″ productname=”2014 Baby Doll Tee”]
[product_page id=”1226″ productname=”2013 Poster”]
[product_page id=”1228″ productname=”2012 Beefy Tee”]
[product_page id=”1232″ productname=”2011 Tee”]
[product_page id=”1237″ productname=”2009 Beefy Tee”]
[product_page id=”1241″ productname=”2009 Baby Doll Tee”]
[product_page id=”1243″ productname=”2006 Baby Doll Tee”]
[product_page id=”1247″ productname=”The Classic Village Halloween Tee”]
[product_page id=”1250″ productname=”The Classic Village Halloween Baby Doll Tee”]
[product_page id=”1252″ productname=”1998 Metamorphosis Beefy Tee”]


Puppetry Workshop Transportation

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