New York City’s 49th Annual


Monday, October 31, 2022 at 7 pm | Presented LIVE by NY1 at 8 pm

The nation’s most wildly creative public participatory event in the greatest city in the world!


The 2021 Theme was In TWO Parts!
ALL Together NOW!
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Honoring the Children of NYC and the Child in all of us who yearns to take to the streets and play again!

We are inviting all  Children to submit drawings that will be turned into the Giant Puppets that lead the Parade!

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It’s Playtime!

Play Mas! Play ball! Play the game! Make a play!   It’s all there for the taking ! for the Making!
A game involves engagement with others–come up with a costume idea that engages the audience
and your fellow marchers

–so we can PLAY together once again!

  • Think Wheel of Fortune, a Kissing Booth, Play Ball! A Deck of Cards!
  • Don’t be the ONLY GAME in Town–Join with your friends and play on!
  • Make up your own interactive or visually enticing game!
  • And then, join us on our Special THEME section of the Parade!

Everyone Join Us In Our Masker-Ade!

Special Note to the Audience: We ask all SPECTATORS to get creative with their simple everyday Covid masks when you come to the Parade! We will be asking our photographers to turn their cameras towards YOU as well at the Parade participants to see what fun ideas you will come up with!

Get Your Vaccine, So We Have A Safe Halloween!

“Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality.”

Hallelujah Halloween!
Jeanne Fleming
Artistic and Producing Director

and below this photo…

All together now!

In children’s songs, these simple words are a cue for everyone to sing the chorus. More broadly they call on us to join voices, move in sync, or pull as a group. But these words take on special resonance as we take to our streets again to celebrate what we missed most – just being together, with friends and with strangers, with loved ones and passersby, with neighbors and with travellers from afar. No one has felt this more keenly than children, so this year, children lead the return of New York’s Halloween Parade!

The Halloween Parade, for all its radical eclecticism and individual expression, is at its core a unified moment of playing, masking, and dancing all together. After nearly 50 years of evoking Gods and Monsters and embodying fantastical tales and heroic figures, NY’s Village Halloween Parade returns to the streets with the most epic story of all – the story of us, the story of “everyday people” resilient in our joy, determined to dance through dark times,
and heroically devoted to one another.

So, we are working with the Children’s Museum of the Arts to invite the children of New York to design this year’s puppets to honor whomever and whatever brings them everyday joy, even when times are tough. We are calling for drawings of people, animals, and objects at play – which official Parade artists at Processional Arts Workshop will transform into giant illuminated puppets to lead the way, as we bring life back to the streets of New York.

All together now!

Alex Kahn and Sophia Michahelles
Processional Arts Workshop
Official Puppeteers of New York’s Village Halloween Parade

Genevieve Martin
The Children’s Museum of the Arts