New York City’s 48th Annual

Village Halloween Parade

October 31, 2021 at 7 pm | Presented LIVE by NY1 at 8 pm

The nation’s most wildly creative public participatory event in the greatest city in the world!



Don’t Like Waiting In Lines?

If you don’t have time to wait in the massive general public line up area, you can SKIP THE LINE, BE THE PARTY and HELP THE PARADE OUT.

Tickets are available for various ways to participate in the Parade! Walking in it, watching it, donating to it! Pick what is best for you!

  • Come dressed to PLAY! This year’s theme is Let’s Play! Make up a game to play with the audience, Play Mas! Play ball!!! Are you game? A game??
  • Be a Rainbow FAN with Grand Marshall Randy Rainbow
  • VIP Entrance to the Parade
  • RIDE on a float
  • SEE the parade in your very own pedicab
  • LEAD THE PARADE with the Artistic Director
  • WATCH from VIP viewing area

The NYC Village Halloween Parade is FREE for all to view from the sidelines or join in a costume. It has been this way for 47 years!!! No ticket required.

However, if you’d like to help the parade out, buy a ticket and help us keep the Village Halloween Parade going!

Tickets Are Limited!!! (Donations are Unlimited!!!)

JOIN The Village Halloween Parade And Keep the Parade Alive

There are SO many ways you can join us and support the artistry, pageantry, music and FUN of the Parade!

Join Special Sections of the Parade

Follow Along w/ Grand Marshall Randy Rainbow

  • Are you a Rainbow Fan?
  • That is, a FAN of Randy Rainbow? Well, gurl, you know that WE are ! He’s our 2021 Grand Marshall and we have created a special section of the Parade just for YOU to join him on Halloween Night. March along with Grand Marshall Randy Rainbow’s float in a special VIP section of the Parade!
  • As part of your ticket you will get TWO coveted RR costume elements:
  • – A pair of Randy’s iconic Pink Glasses
  • – AND a Rainbow FAN to play with as part of your costumed performance in the Parade.
  • You must wear rainbow colors to participate in this special section. Instructions will be sent right before the Parade as to how to enter the Rainbow gate.


Dance IN the Parade in Sync with Others with Headphones ON!

Join Quiet Event and dance IN the Parade with headphones on! There will be two music stations bumping with the hottest jams, so there’s no doubt that this will be a seriously wild and unique night! Everyone will be flash mobbing the onlookers and TV reporters!

Note: Quiet Event has it’s own section! This means they are not squished in with hundreds of people, but have free range of the street to do whatever they want and they do some silly things! With headphone ON!


LET’S PLAY: Theme Costume Required!

  • Think Wheel of Fortune, a Kissing Booth, Play Ball! A Deck of Cards! Don’t be the ONLY GAME in Town–Join with your friends and play on! image of kissing booth and of the wheel of fortune…
  • Make up your own interactive or visually enticing game! Gain early special admission to the first section of the Parade. See the Theme on the Theme Page!
  • Your ticket buys you a secret entry point for early admission and no lines, a special Band for an In-Parade party, TV coverage and the chance to meet other costume fiends like yourself!!! AND, your ticket also allows you to support the most wildly creative Parade in NYC! On Halloween night, you must arrive at 6 pm! No entry after this time.


Avoid the Long Wait

VIP Entrance to the Parade

  • If you don’t want wait in the massive general public line up area, you can skip the line and join a band!
  • This ticket will allow you entry via a private entrance to the band lineup area between 6:30 pm and 8:30 pm.
  • From here you can join any band or group you’d like and parade up 6th Avenue with them.


VIP Entrance & VIP Viewing

  • Skip the Line AND Entrance to Special VIP Viewing Area along the Parade route near the Telecast
  • We will make sure you jump out at the appropriate place!


NOTE: Proof of vaccination will be required to enter the VIP area on Halloween night.

Watch The Parade From Our VIP Area

Standing Admission

  • Standing admission in a special location along the route near the Telecast!


NOTE: Proof of vaccination will be required to enter the VIP area on Halloween night.

Front Row Seating in Director’s Chairs

  • Front row seats in tall chairs


NOTE: Proof of vaccination will be required to enter the VIP area on Halloween night.

Very Special In-Parade Options

Pedicab for Two for Entire Parade

  • Ride in your Own Pedicab! Don’t even want to walk in the Parade, byut want to be in it! We will arrange for you to be transported in one of our official vehicles–a Pedicab! Two people Maximum.

$500 for Two

Ride on a Float

  • Ride on a Float! We will arrange for you to ride on a VIP Float with DJ and special guests.


Walk at the Front

  • Walk at the Front with the Artistic Director Jeanne Fleming
  • See the Parade as only she sees it!
  • There’s a chance you will be be interviewed on TV


Skip The Line, Be The Party, Help The Parade

Details for ALL the tickets types will be emailed closer to the event.